Cactus club Cafe 2019 Summer haze

Creative Direction: Bev Turner
Designer/Styling: Steph Talbot +
Courtney Echlin
Photographer: Adam Chilton

Winner of 2019 RGD In-House Awards - Award of Distinction

The summer campaign concept embraces the carefree feelings of escape, adventure and relaxation and  reconnect friends over fresh food and drinks on the Cactus Club Cafe patio.

The summer hazy heat wave is communicated in the campaign graphics through bold iconic shapes, colours and textures. A flexible graphic system was expanded into concurrent promotional pieces to create a cohesive look and feel among all in-store and digital marketing materials.  

The photography lighting and styling transforms you to your favourite patio or beach with an ice cold drink in hand and large tropical trees swaying overhead. The warmly coloured backdrops complement the crisp cool garnishes, ice, and dramatic summer  lighting, further communicating the hazy, relaxing summer vibes.