The Joinery

Art Direction, Interior & Graphic Design

At lululemon's flagship store on Robson Street in Vancouver we decided to incorporate a men's-only innovation space. The space catered to the male guest and acted as a workshop and hang-out space. The name 'The Joinery' was inspired by the first project that was put in the space where they physically joined/sewed each guest’s choice of liner or brief into a style of short. The craftsman in the space would take the order and combine the liner and short within half an hour.

The Joinery had custom order forms, personal stationery, information signage, and its own unique guest experience. This was lululemon's first on-demand, custom service they ever provided. The interior of the space was inspired by Pacific West coast materials, and props were chosen as if an old-fashioned tailor had passed these belongings down to his kids. This space embodied the aesthetic of old traditions colliding with new-age athletic technology.